September 11th, 2009

Today I finished work on Yes, I have branded myself. My name is a brand name.

On the site, you will find links to my film and stage work and of course to my writing, as well as to a comprehensive annotated list of links. To update your RSS feed, click here. This feed will be updated once a month with links to new articles, reviews, and so on.

If the new site seems at all solipsistic, keep in mind that one's by-line—one's name—is ultimately what one trades on as a writer. (To the extent that I will continue to make films, Esoteric Rabbit Films will continue to exist.) Besides which, the site is to be supplemented in a couple of weeks by a second, which some of you have likely seen in its still-developing state, and I can promise that its domain name is free of any suggestion that it's mine. We anticipate that site to go live in the coming fortnight. Watch this space—or preferably the new one—for updates.